Advisor: Prof. Guoliang Li

Tsinghua Database Group

Email: zhouxuan19@mails.tsinghua.edu.cn

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Brief Biography

I am Xuanhe Zhou, a Ph.D. candidate in CS of Tsinghua, mentored by Prof. Guoliang Li. My research interest lies in autonomous databases, i.e., automating and optimizing the logical/physical designs of databases so as to better serve AI/DB users. I have published papers in SIGMOD/VLDB/ICDE/TKDE with over 1000 citations.

The relevant research problems include but are not limited to: (1) Database Optimization (e.g., query rewrite with relational algebra); (2) Database Diagnosis (e.g., root cause analysis); (3) AI-relevant Techniques (e.g., real-time feature computation).

Open Projects (Under Maintenance)

👉 D-Bot: LLM-Based Database Diagnosis System (modelBest & tsinghua)

An LLM-based database administrator that can acquire database maintenance experience from textual sources, and provide reasonable, well-founded, in-time optimization advice for databases.

👉 FEBench: A Real-Time Feature Extraction Benchmark (4paradigm & tsinghua & nus)

A benchmark specifically designed for real-time feature extraction (RTFE) within the domain of online AI inference services (for applications like finance, retail, manufacturing, energy, media).

👉 DBMind: A Self-Driving Database Management Platform (openGauss & tsinghua)

Full-process autonomous database operation and maintenance capabilities, e.g., anomaly detection, root cause analysis, slow SQL optimization, index recommendation, fault self-repair, and etc.

Peer-reviewed Papers

(*indicates equal contribution)


Yihang Zheng, Chen Lin, Xian Lyu, Xuanhe Zhou, Guoliang Li, Tianqing Wang.

Wei Zhou, Chen Lin, Xuanhe Zhou, Guoliang Li.

Wei Zhou, Chen Lin, Xuanhe Zhou, Guoliang Li.


, Guoliang Li, Wei Guo, Luyang Liu.

(VLDB Industry) FEBench: A Benchmark for Real-Time Relational Data Feature Extraction. [paper] [code] 🖐🏻 Best Industry Paper Runnerup Award

*, Cheng Chen*, Kunyi Li, Bingsheng He, Mian Lu, Qiaosheng Liu, Wei Huang, Guoliang Li, Zhao Zheng, Yuqqiang Chen.

, Guoliang Li, Jianming Wu, Jiesi Liu, Zhaoyan Sun, Xinning Zhang.

Zhaoyan Sun, , Guoliang Li.

Yuanning Gao, Xiuqi Huang, , Xiaofeng Gao, Guoliang Li.

(NeurIPS) Can LLM Already Serve as A Database Interface? A BIg Bench for Large-Scale Database Grounded Text-to-SQLs. [paper] [code] 🖐🏻 Spotlight

Led by Damo Academy (Binyuan Hui, Yongbin Li, et al) and University of Hong Kong (Jinyang Li)

Xinyang Zhao*, *, Guoliang Li.

, Zhaoyan Sun, Guoliang Li.


Lixi Zhang, Chengliang Chai, , Guoliang Li.

, Guoliang Li, Chengliang Chai, Jianhua Feng.

, Luyang Liu, Wenbo Li, Lianyuan Jin, Tianqing Wang, Shifu Li.

Chen Lin, Junqing Zhuang, Jiadong Feng, Hui Li, , Guoliang Li.

(ICDE Tutorial) Machine Learning for Data Management: A System View. [paper] [slide]

Guoliang Li, .


Guoliang Li, (first student author), Ji Sun, Xiang Yu, Yue Han, Lianyuan Jin, Wenbo Li, Tianqing Wang, Shifu Li. over 1.5k stars

, Lianyuan Jin, Ji Sun, Xinyang Zhao, Xiang Yu, Shifu Li, Tianqing Wang, et al.

(SIGMOD Tutorial) AI Meets Database: AI4DB and DB4AI. [paper] [slide]

Guoliang Li, , Lei Cao, Chengliang Chai.

(VLDB Tutorial) Machine Learning for Databases. [paper]

Guoliang Li, , Lei Cao.

(Journal of Software) Survey of Data Management Techniques for Supporting Artificial Intelligence. [paper] 🖐🏻

Guoliang Li, .


, Ji Sun, Guoliang Li, Jianhua Feng.

(TKDE) Database meets artificial intelligence: A survey. [paper]

, Chengliang Chai, Guoliang Li, Ji Sun.

(Chinese Journal of Computers) Overview of database technology based on machine learning. [paper]

Guoliang, Li, , Sun Ji, Yu Xiang, Yuan Haitao, Liu Jiabin, and Han Yue.


Guoliang Li, , Shifu Li, Bo Gao.

Guoliang Li, , Sihao Li.

(Journal of Computer) A Survey of Machine-Learning-based Database Techniques. [paper]

Guoliang Li, , Ji Sun, Xiang Yu, Haitao Yuan, Jiabin Li, Yue Han.

Honors and Awards

2023 - Top 100 Open Source Achievements by Benchcouncil

2023 - VLDB Best Industry Paper RunnerUp Award (first author)

2022 - Outstanding Scholarship of Tsinghua University (清华特奖)

2022 - ByteDance Fellowship (10 Ph.D students)

2022 - MSRA Fellowship (12 Asian Ph.D students)

2021 - Zhongshimo Fellowship (钟士模奖学金)

2021 - Apple Scholars in AI/ML Nomination

2023, 2017 - National Scholarship


2021.10 - Tutorial of ML for Databases, AIMLSystems Conference. [website]

2021.08 - Invited Talk, The LADSIOS Workshop, VLDB Conference. [website]

2021.06 - SIGMOD Onsite Volunteer. [website]


PC Member - DBML'23 (ICDE workshop), AIDB'23 (VLDB workshop);

Journal Reviewer - VLDB Journal, JCST

Open Datasets


Teaching Assistant

2019-2022 Database Systems (THU/30240262)

Online tutorials on building a basic relational database are available!!

Basic functions: https://thu-db.github.io/dbs-tutorial/

Advanced functions (by wenbo, haowen): https://thu-db.github.io/dbtrain-tutorial/

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