Advisor: Prof. Guoliang Li
Tsinghua Database Group

Brief Biography

I am Xuanhe Zhou, a Ph.D. candidate in CS of Tsinghua, mentored by Prof. Guoliang Li. My research interest lies in autonomous databases, i.e., automating and optimizing the logical/physical designs of databases so as to better serve AI/DB users. I have published papers in SIGMOD/VLDB/ICDE/TKDE. And relevant open projects include D-Bot, FEBench, DBMind, and etc.
The relevant research problems include but are not limited to: (1) Database Optimization (e.g., query rewrite with relational algebra); (2) Database Diagnosis (e.g., root cause analysis); (3) AI-relevant Techniques (e.g., online feature store, tool4LLM, multi-agent LLM).

Open Projects

👉 D-Bot: LLM-Based Database Diagnosis System (modelBest & tsinghua)
An LLM-based database administrator that can acquire database maintenance experience from textual sources, and provide reasonable, well-founded, in-time diagnosis advice for databases.
👉 FEBench: A Real-Time Feature Extraction Benchmark (4paradigm & tsinghua & nus)
A benchmark specifically designed for real-time feature extraction (RTFE) within the domain of online AI inference services (for applications like finance, retail, manufacturing, energy, media).
Full-process autonomous database operation and maintenance capabilities, e.g., anomaly detection, root cause analysis, slow SQL optimization, index recommendation, fault self-repair, and etc.

Peer-reviewed Papers

self monitoring
self optimization
self configuration
data structure design
auto database
data generation 🖐🏻 AI techniques
(*indicates equal contribution)


(SIGMOD) Robustness of Updatable Learning-based Index Advisors. [to appear]
Yihang Zheng, Chen Lin, Xian Lyu, Xuanhe Zhou, Guoliang Li, Tianqing Wang.
(ICDE) TRAP: Tailored Robustness Assessment for Index Advisors via Adversarial Perturbation. [to appear]
Wei Zhou, Chen Lin, Xuanhe Zhou, Guoliang Li.


(SIGMOD) Grep: A Graph Learning Based Database Partitioning System. [paper] [code]
Xuanhe Zhou, Guoliang Li, Wei Guo, Luyang Liu.
(VLDB Industry) FEBench: A Benchmark for Real-Time Relational Data Feature Extraction. [paper] [code] 🖐🏻 Best Industry Paper Runnerup Award
Xuanhe Zhou*, Cheng Chen*, Kunyi Li, Bingsheng He, Mian Lu, Qiaosheng Liu, Wei Huang, Guoliang Li, Zhao Zheng, Yuqqiang Chen.
(VLDB Demo) A Learned Query Rewrite System. [demo]
Xuanhe Zhou, Guoliang Li, Jianming Wu, Jiesi Liu, Zhaoyan Sun, Xinning Zhang.
(VLDB) Learned Index: A Comprehensive Experimental Evaluation. [paper] [code]
Zhaoyan Sun, Xuanhe Zhou, Guoliang Li.
(ICDE) DBAugur: An Adversarial-based Trend Forecasting System for Diversified Workloads. [paper] [code]
Yuanning Gao, Xiuqi Huang, Xuanhe Zhou, Xiaofeng Gao, Guoliang Li.
(NeurIPS) Can LLM Already Serve as A Database Interface? A BIg Bench for Large-Scale Database Grounded Text-to-SQLs. [paper] [code] 🖐🏻 Spotlight
Led by Damo Academy (Binyuan Hui, Yongbin Li, et al) and University of Hong Kong (Jinyang Li)
(TKDE) Automatic Database Knob Tuning: A Survey. [paper] [code]
Xinyang Zhao*, Xuanhe Zhou*, Guoliang Li.
(DSE) DB-GPT: Large Language Model Meets Database. [paper] [code]
Xuanhe Zhou, Zhaoyan Sun, Guoliang Li.


(SIGMOD) LearnedSQLGen: Constraint-Aware SQL Generation using Reinforcement Learning. [paper] [code]
Lixi Zhang, Chengliang Chai, Xuanhe Zhou, Guoliang Li.
(VLDB) A Learned Query Rewrite System using Monte Carlo Tree Search. [paper] [code]
Xuanhe Zhou, Guoliang Li, Chengliang Chai, Jianhua Feng.
(ICDE) AutoIndex: An Incremental Index Management System for Dynamic Workloads. [paper] [code]
Xuanhe Zhou, Luyang Liu, Wenbo Li, Lianyuan Jin, Tianqing Wang, Shifu Li.
(ICDE) Adaptive Code Learning for Spark Configuration Tuning. [paper] [code]
Chen Lin, Junqing Zhuang, Jiadong Feng, Hui Li, Xuanhe Zhou, Guoliang Li.
(ICDE Tutorial) Machine Learning for Data Management: A System View. [paper] [slide]
Guoliang Li, Xuanhe Zhou.


(VLDB Industry) openGauss: An Autonomous Database System. [paper] [code]
Guoliang Li, Xuanhe Zhou (first student author), Ji Sun, Xiang Yu, Yue Han, Lianyuan Jin, Wenbo Li, Tianqing Wang, Shifu Li. over 1.5k stars
(VLDB Demo) DBMind: A Self-Driving Platform in openGauss. [paper] [code]
Xuanhe Zhou, Lianyuan Jin, Ji Sun, Xinyang Zhao, Xiang Yu, Shifu Li, Tianqing Wang, et al.
(SIGMOD Tutorial) AI Meets Database: AI4DB and DB4AI. [paper] [slide]
Guoliang Li, Xuanhe Zhou, Lei Cao, Chengliang Chai.
(VLDB Tutorial) Machine Learning for Databases. [paper]
Guoliang Li, Xuanhe Zhou, Lei Cao.
(Journal of Software) Survey of Data Management Techniques for Supporting Artificial Intelligence. [paper] 🖐🏻
Guoliang Li, Xuanhe Zhou.


(VLDB) Query Performance Prediction for Concurrent Queries using Graph Embedding. [code] [paper]
Xuanhe Zhou, Ji Sun, Guoliang Li, Jianhua Feng.
(TKDE) Database meets artificial intelligence: A survey. [paper]
Xuanhe Zhou, Chengliang Chai, Guoliang Li, Ji Sun.
(Chinese Journal of Computers) Overview of database technology based on machine learning. [paper]
Guoliang, Li, Xuanhe Zhou, Sun Ji, Yu Xiang, Yuan Haitao, Liu Jiabin, and Han Yue.


(VLDB) QTune: A Query-Aware Database Tuning System with Deep Reinforcement Learning. [paper]
Guoliang Li, Xuanhe Zhou, Shifu Li, Bo Gao.
(Data Eng.) Xuanyuan: An AI-Native Database. [paper]
Guoliang Li, Xuanhe Zhou, Sihao Li.
(Journal of Computer) A Survey of Machine-Learning-based Database Techniques. [paper]
Guoliang Li, Xuanhe Zhou, Ji Sun, Xiang Yu, Haitao Yuan, Jiabin Li, Yue Han.

Honors and Awards

2022 - ByteDance Fellowship (10 Ph.D students)
2022 - MSRA Fellowship (12 Asian Ph.D students)
2021 - Zhongshimo Fellowship (钟士模奖学金)
2021 - Apple Scholars in AI/ML Nomination
2017, 2023 - National Scholarship


2021.10 - Tutorial of ML for Databases, AIMLSystems Conference. [website]
2021.08 - Invited Talk, The LADSIOS Workshop, VLDB Conference. [website]
2021.06 - SIGMOD Onsite Volunteer. [website]


PC Member - DBML'23 (ICDE workshop), AIDB'23 (VLDB workshop);
Journal Reviewer - VLDB Journal, JCST

Open Datasets

A collection of open-source datasets (under construction)!
Scenarios: AI applications (
); DB Applications (

Teaching Assistant

2019-2022 Database Systems (THU/30240262)
Online tutorials on building a basic relational database are available!!
Advanced functions (by wenbo, haowen): https://thu-db.github.io/dbtrain-tutorial/
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